Trading Firms and Active Traders:

We process terabytes of market data daily at blazing fast speeds

Why is this important? Our algorithms will achieve the lowest costs by posting for rebates, minimizing market impact while filling faster to reduce slippage.

How do we do all this? Our ticker plant is pulling in the full depth, real-time order books of all major exchanges & LPs, to provide you the best possible trading experience. We give you choices about how to trade: instantly, over time, on a schedule or triggered conditionally to stop out losses.

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Agency and OTC Desks:

We will drive your customer facing technology

Why try to build your own Client Portal? With the CoinRoutes OEMS for Crypto, your clients see your logo, your streaming prices (with your markups), in any pair. CoinRoutes handles all the customer facing technology.

We provide back-to-back trading against your best priced LPs and/or Exchanges. Your clients will love the proprietary algorithms you offer (out of the money limit, point-in-time, market peg, TWAP, stop loss, etc.), all with integrated settlement and credit functions.

Funds and Investment Managers:

Our suite of algorithms minimizes slippage to maximize alpha retention

We build custom algorithms to support your investment thesis, ie. momentum-driven, impact cost-limiting, quantitative, etc, utilizing a combination of spot, derivatives and FX venues that you select. Additionally, CoinRoutes RealPrice™ provides the most reliable benchmark to measure your trading and portfolio performance.

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The CoinRoutes Difference:

Automate your manual trading. Do more at less cost. Outperform your competition.

The CoinRoutes Difference

  • • Put on your custom trading strategies.
  • • Consolidated full depth of book data displays.
  • • One API access point for 50+ venues.
  • • Trade large blocks of illiquid coins and don’t move the price.