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December 30th - This Week in Crypto

Dave Weisberger

January 05, 2023

In this last video of the 2022, Dave delves into the topic of risk and examine the hidden, undisclosed, and recklessly taken risks by certain firms that may have negative consequences for their own livelihood and wiping out billions of dollars from the highs of the market. In this discussion, Dave highlights several key issues that he believes will strengthen the cryptocurrency industry, such as: • The instability of stablecoins, • Undercollateralized loans, and the need for transparency in the origins of yields offered by exchanges. • The importance of maintaining good hygiene to protect customer assets at cryptocurrency exchanges. • The alleged criminal behavior of FTX, Alameda, and Sam Bankman-Fried. • The concept of proof of reserves. To close the video on a positive note, he discusses the importance of fair and equitable markets, echoing Gary Gensler's views on the subject. He concludes with an explanation of the significance of providing the best execution for the future of the cryptocurrency market. Join us as we explore these important issues and if you enjoyed this video, don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more information about the latest news and analysis from the world of cryptocurrency and beyond.