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The OEMS for Crypto

Since 2017, CoinRoutes has been building an extensive algo suite and market data plant specifically designed around crypto market structure and its intricacies. We provide best-in-class smart order routing, along with the infrastructure for exchange market access and market data consolidation, with options for both UI and API users.

Algorithms Designed for Crypto

Our algos enables traders to specify execution parameters, including choice of benchmark and level of aggression, while randomizing the orders sent to minimize information leakage. We've built algos specialized for the crypto markets:

Smart Post - Our proprietary fair value model places orders to find liquidity at the best possible price, primarily paying maker fees.
TWAP - Slices orders evenly over a time horizon using Smart Post logic to minimize impact, lower costs & better match the benchmark
Scheduled Post - Ensures your order will not fall behind a defined schedule, but unlike TWAP, it can finish early. An effective portfolio re-balancing tool.
Smart Stop - Stop loss orders triggered by customizable parameters across multiple exchanges.
POV - Trades a percentage of volume in-line with the market
Spread - A dollar neutral algo to trade perps, spot and futures against one another, for arbitrage & risk / treasury management.
Multi Product - Trade multiple funding currencies for one target currency in a single order.
Diversify and Reduce Counterparty Risk

Easily trade with multiple exchanges and LPs across CeFi and DeFi in a single order. Reduce dependency on a specific exchange or counterparty and the among of collateral stored with each. CoinRoutes intelligently routes to exchanges with the best price and available margin.

CoinRoutes supports trading through prime brokers as well as clients trading on their own. We work closely with custodians and other third party vendors.

Full Control

CoinRoutes’ deployed SaaS based solution allows clients to retain full control over their wallets and keys. Our solution is deployed on AWS, utilizing AWS security features. Entreprise clients have their own server with full admin access.

As CoinRoutes never has control over and never touches client assets, clients have no counterparty risk with us. Your assets and exchange accounts are entirely your own.

Measure Your Performance

CoinRoutes provides multiple benchmarks for Transaction Cost Analysis as part of our integrated reporting on an order-by-order basis, in addition to aggregated benchmark performance statistics across orders.

We offer 24/7 support along with automated order alerts. CoinRoutes provides detailed reporting for back and middle offices and an advanced error reconcilation process that prevents over-execution and informs traders of exchange errors and issues.

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