Save money by trading across multiple Crypto-Asset Exchanges from our simple interface or APIs.  

CoinRoutes Patent Pending Smart Order Router allows clients to retain complete control over their exchange keys and wallets.

  • 75+ Crypto Pairs
  • 35+ Exchanges 
  • Robust reporting infrastructure
  • Advanced Algorithmic Strategies (Contact us for more information)

CoinRoutes in action:


In Trading, Knowledge is power. CoinRoutes Provides it.



CoinRoutes provides traders a unified view of all cryptocurrency markets with the ability to trade on multiple exchanges in one transaction.    


CoinRoutes unique filtered and consolidated market data lets traders filter out the noise to show an accurate view of the market.


CoinRoutes unique distributed design provides all the benefits of sophisticated routing strategies, but clients retain control over their exchange and wallet keys.


CoinRoutes can scan all markets to determine the optimal package of orders to route to each, to satisfy a single aggressive client order.


Coinroutes can deliver optimized order placement strategies based on historical and real time market data, along with shared networked intelligence from all its participants.


CoinRoutes RealPrice ™ is an actionable benchmark that is perfect for TCA to measure trade quality

The Problem

Trading Crypto-Assets Costs investors a LOT of time and money.


Many exchanges trade the same product, each with order books of varying quality, in different locations and with different costs.

Crossed Markets

Trading on one exchange can be costly, often its best bid will be well above another exchanges best offer..


No standard quote size

The ability to post orders for very small sizes makes it hard to evaluate order books and determine where real liquidity is situated.


Too many sources show prices of BitCoin and other crypto-assets that either exclude valid prices or include inaccessible quotes.

The CoinRoutes Solution

CoinRoutes has developed three patent-pending innovations:

CoinRoutes RealPrice ™ is the perfect benchmark for measuring trading quality.

RealPrice displays the investable price for BitCoin, Ethereum, & other assets in Real-Time, based exclusively on all accessible exchanges to local investors.

  • Also available over API

Filtered, Consolidated Best Bid & Offer (CBBO)

CoinRoutes Patent Pending Filtered CBBO is a pan-exchange research tool built for Crypto-Assets

  • Realtime graphical and order book views
  • Historical graphical view with summary statistics 
  • Also available over API

Cost Calculator

CoinRoutes Cost Calculator shows the potential smart router savings from trading accross multiple exchanges efficiently.

    Client Deployed Smart Order Router

    CoinRoutes Patent Pending Client-Deployed Smart Order Router lets you  trade effortlessly accross Crypto Exchanges, while allowing you to keep exchange keys and wallets private.

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