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Since 2017, we've been delivering best-in-class algos for our clients

CoinRoutes was built from the ground up to handle the unique market structure of crypto assets. Over the past five years, we've become a leading provider of algorithmic trading strategies and execution management.

Today, we support trading for over 3600 spot and derivative instruments across 60 major exchanges and liquidity providers.

Meet the founders

  • Ian Weisberger

    Chief Executive Officer

    Ian is the brainchild of CoinRoutes and a visionary leader in the crypto industry. With a career spanning 15 years as a technology executive, founder, and programmer, Ian has been at the forefront of innovation. He established his first company in 2008, showcasing his entrepreneurial drive. Ian's deep-rooted involvement in crypto dates back to its early days. His expertise, coupled with a passion for new technologies, positions him as a key influencer in shaping the future of digital finance.

  • Dave Weisberger


    Dave has 30+ years of experience in trading systems for traditional finance and crypto. He has held key leadership roles at prestigious institutions, including the former head of Two Sigma Securities. Prior to this, Dave ran Lava Trading and led the stat arb division at Citigroup, where his expertise and strategic acumen were instrumental in driving success. His extensive background and leadership experience make him a valuable asset in navigating complex financial and regulatory landscapes.

  • Michael Holstein

    Chief Revenue Officer

    Michael began his career on the Bank of America and JP Morgan cash equity trading desks. In 2001, he joined Lava Trading as an early employee, managing sales for the West and Midwest regions to drive growth from $0 to $40mm ARR. Lava successfully sold to Citigroup for $340mm in 2005. Michael remained at Citi to merge the businesses by building exchange and trading algorithm products. After the Great Financial Crisis, Michael spent 7 years at Virtu until founding CoinRoutes in 2017.

Our team

Meet the brains behind the operation

We've united a team of remarkably driven professionals, each bringing a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm to our mission. Our collective dedication is the cornerstone of our ability to consistently surpass client expectations with exceptional outcomes.

Andrew Quinn
Eric Walcott
Chris Clary
Rhea Gellineau-King
Michelle Herman
Jennifer Shaughnessy


We're Hiring

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At CoinRoutes, we’re always looking to hire qualified individuals. Take a look at our job postings to see our current openings.

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