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DeFi Trading Demistifyed

Say Goodbye Background

Say Bye to:

  • Being trapped in front of screens
  • Missing trades looking for approvers
  • Carrying around your hardware wallet
Say Hello Background

Say Hello to:

  • Easily connecting your wallet
  • Simplified risk limit approvals
  • Cheaper & more efficient DeFi trading
Simplified Trading
  • Automated Transactions:One-time approvals for thousands of trades.
  • Trade from Anywhere:Use any device with UI and API access.
  • Unified Platform:Access all major DEXs and CEXs from one place.
Scalable Solutions
  • Trade Size:Use algorithms designed for high-volume DeFi trading.
  • Advanced Arbitrage:Capture spread between CeFi and DeFi.
  • Top-Tier Security:Exceed industry standards in compliance and security.
  • Token Control:Prevent unauthorized trading by whitelisting specific coins.
  • Trading Limits:Maintain control with enforced notional limits.
  • Safe Trading:Keep assets in cold storage until settlement.
  • Custodian Choice:Integrated with all major wallets and custodians.


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Everything you need

A better workflow

Effortless On-Chain Trading

Set your trading limits when you approve our contract and trade only whitelisted tokens using limits that are enforced on-chain.

Safety with Choice

Keep assets with your favorite wallet or custodian and enable trading from cold storage. Tested with Bitgo, FireBlocks, Ledger, Metamask, and WalletConnect.

Trading on the Go

Trade efficiently without the need to carry your hardware wallet. Take advantage of our full algo suite, including range orders, sweep orders, and spread capturing algos.

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