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We give you the tools you need for your crypto trading

We improve your trading experience, regardless of how you interface with the market. By providing fast and seamless access to algorithms, venues, and market data, CoinRoutes can have you live trading in a matter of hours. We improve execution performance and operational efficiency for a wide range of clients including:

The infrastructure to trade everything

CoinRoutes processes terabytes of market data daily. We provide API access to custom aggregated and individual exchange quote streams used by our algorithms to determine optimal order placement.

Our customizable algorithms minimize fees and slippage on both derivative and spot exchanges, whether trading individual products or spread orders across multiple markets.

In order to minimize latency, we offer co-located servers in datacenters across the US, Tokyo, and Europe.

Instead of building your own connectivity and infrastructure, CoinRoutes is a cost effective solution that will also reduce your go-live timeline from months to hours.

We drive your customer facing technology

Why build your own client portal? With our white label solution, your clients see your logo and your streaming prices - with your customized markups - in any pair.

We provide back-to-back trading against your best priced LPs and exchanges. Your clients will love the proprietary algorithms you offer including market, limit, pegged, and TWAP orders, all with integrated settlement and credit functions. APIs for FIX, Websocket, and REST are all supported.

Clients get best execution by ensuring orders are only sent to liquidity providers and exchanges when their quotes are in-line with our Consolidated Best Bid and Offer (CBBO).

Minimize slippage to maximize alpha retention

CoinRoutes’ suite of algorithms are designed to minimize slippage and capture the maximum alpha from all of your strategies.

Whatever your investment thesis, you can focus on generating alpha, asset selection, and portfolio construction and allow CoinRoutes' systems to optimally execute your orders.

CoinRoutes' algorithms gives you the ability to safety to place large orders by using a proprietary anti-gaming model to ensure that your orders and trades are undetectable, eliminating frontrunning and minimizing market impact.

Automate your manual trading. Do more at less cost. Reduce and diversify your risks.
Customize algos and parameters to meet your needs
Trade large blocks of illiquid coins while reducing market impact
One API access point for 60+ venues
Accurately measure your trading performance
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